Although not raised in a Christian home, Bart came to faith as a young child. His grandparents took him to church and at the age of 5 he made a commitment to Christ. His passion for Scripture became evident a few years later at a Church Summer camp where he set a camp record by memorizing 25 verses in four days! (In the King James Version! He didn't understand them all, but he memorized them!)

 When he was 16, Bart started attending church on his own. Challenged by his youth pastor to not just read but to study and know the Bible, Bart began to do just that. He purchased a number of reference books, and dedicated himself to knowing what he believed.

Shortly after completely his Family Practice training in 1993, Bart began actively serving in church. He began his ministry working with children, starting off teaching 4 year-olds with his wife, Lisa. Over time his ministry expanded, and within a few years he found himself writing curriculum and teaching children at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. While speaking at the Winter Camp for 4th and 5th graders in 2005, Bart was taken aback at the response of the adult leaders to his lessons. After several of the leaders repeatedly commented on how much they had learned, Bart began to consider if perhaps God might want Him to teach adults as well.

In the following year, a number of changes occurred in Bart's ministry. He was invited to preach at Copperhill Community Church in Valencia, California. Shortly thereafter, Bart was invited to do a series of "Family Services" at Lake Hills Community Church in Laguna Hills, California. In these services, Bart led a children's worship service aimed at parents and children together. At the end of the service, while the children had a small group discussions with their leaders, Bart spent time with the adults, taking them deeper into the story and applying the lessons to their lives.


In response to those lessons at Lake Hills and Copperhill, doors started to open at a number of different churches. Bart walked through these doors as they opened and as a result has found himself speaking in many different churches and settings. In addition to his speaking, Bart has dedicated himself to writing as well. His first book, Life Medicine, was published in June 2012.

On a personal level, Bart is most thankful for the gift of his family. He and Lisa met in February 1982 and married just 5 months later. Together they have two children, Nate and Jamie, who make them laugh and constantly remind them of what matters in life. He is currently in Private Practice in Huntington Beach, California.

For more information on his medical practice, please visit www.doctorbarrett.com.