12 Perfect Gifts for your Valentine


Flowers wilt, and cost a fortune in February. Chocolate melts and makes you fat. Cards end up in the trash and the air is gone from a helium balloon before the week is out. So what can we give to someone we love on Valentine’s Day? How about gifts of love that last throughout the year? Here is a list of 12 things we should all give to that special someone.


  1. Patience. Allow others to learn and grow without feeling rushed or pressured.
  2. Kindness. Just be nice whenever you can. Speak positive and encouraging words and don’t point out mistakes.
  3. Contentment. Don’t be jealous of what they have and you don’t
  4. Humility. Don’t toot your own horn. If you have done well, let them tell you. Don't try to "one-up" or be better.
  5. Service. Do things for them instead of expecting them to do them for you.
  6. Calmness. Don’t lose your temper, it hurts when you do.
  7. Forgiveness. Put the score pad away. Quit keeping track of how you have been wronged or hurt.
  8. Be good. If there is bad stuff in your life, get rid of it.
  9. Care. Look out for their emotional safety, defend their feelings
  10. Trust. Don’t question every motive..
  11. Belief. Assume and believe the best in them. Give the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Don’t give up. Endure the tough times together.

Why did I pick these things? These are not just the expressions of love, according to the Bible, these are actually the definition and description of love. (1 Corinthians 13). Give the gift of love this Valentine’s day!