A Wonderful Lesson from a Boy who Drank Kerosene


Kids say the Darndest things. Some of the things they say can stick with you for a lifetime.

Several years ago a three year old boy who I had delivered was hospitalized for drinking kerosene. He had come across and an old lamp at his grandparents house a taken a swig. Since kerosene in the lungs can be a serious irritant, he was hospitalized for observation at a hospital near his grandparent's home. The following morning a doctor entered his hospital room. He introduced himself as Dr. Soandso and was taken aback at the little boy's angry response.

“You no my Docker! I want Docker Barrett!”

He knew who his doctor was, and it was NOT Dr. Soandso! He wanted me! When his mom told me the story it brought a smile to my face. I thought it was pretty cool that he was that attached to me!

Stories like this are why, when I was interviewed by my medical group for a recent ad campaign, my answer to the question-“What do you like most about being a doctor?”was, “The thought that there are people living their lives knowing that when they need a doctor, I will be there for them.”

I think there is little in life that is more important than being there when needed. Being there for our families, friends and our co-workers is a big deal. It is not always easy and it demands sacrifice, yet it is something God wants from all of us, and it is incredibly rewarding.

In whatever role we find ourselves. friend, parent, co-worker or confidant, let is all strive to set ourselves apart as the one person others will look to when a need arises.