Do You Deserve a Parenting Award?


Think of the awards and recognition you have received in your life and why they were valuable. So often awards we labor for seem less important over time. Some of the best awards are ones we never expected and were never directly pursued.

As with many doctors, over the course of my education and career I have accumulated various accolades and awards. Some of them have pretty impressive titles, with words such as outstanding, best, and “of the year” emblazoned on them. Most of them, while meaningful when received, have been long forgotten by those who gave them.

This Christmas I was blessed with a unexpected recognition that has special value. In early December my 18 year-old daughter came to my wife and I one evening and announced the gift that topped her Christmas list- 2 tickets to see the pop boy band One Direction in concert. They are doing a show at the Rose Bowl on her birthday in September and the tickets were going on sale the following week.

"I want to go!" She said, and then she turned to me. "And Daddy I want you to go with me, because you will sing the songs with me and I think I will have more fun with you than anyone else!"

Pretty Awesome. I will take "One Direction Concert Partner" from my daughter over a medical award any day. Lots of doctors win medical awards. How many are their child's concert buddy? 

This is a simple reminder of a goal that should be shared by all parents. As our children grow up and are able to decide what to do and who to do it with we should hope that we will be a viable option for them. If you wonder if you would be on your child’s buddy list for a special event ask yourself this question- “Is my child on my buddy list?”  If you don’t choose their company chances are they won’t choose yours!

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