Two Choices at Easter

When it comes to Easter there are only two options. Either the holiday celebrates an actual historical event, or it doesn’t. The man Jesus either rose from the grave as the Christian scriptures proclaim or He didn’t.

If Jesus did not rise from the grave, if he died and stayed dead like an ordinary man, then Christians are fools. If Christ is not risen we are to be pitied as deceived losers who have wasted our time, talents and resources for nothing. The church is nothing more than a social club based on outdated morality.

If Jesus is indeed risen from the dead then the opposite is true. The deceived losers are those who plot the course of their life apart from Jesus’ teaching, for If he is risen he is no ordinary man. His teaching must be followed. If he is risen God is real and so is eternity. If he is risen then faith matters.

While most people have an opinion on whether or not the Easter account is true, only a fraction of those I have encountered have actually taken the time to consider their choice and fewer still have invested any time in evaluating the evidence in support of Jesus' resurrection. Given the ramifications of an incorrect answer to the question of whether or not Jesus is risen it would behoove everyone to take the time to answer carefully. Lives are at stake.

Something to consider at Easter time. 

- Bart