What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

Several years ago "WWJD" bracelets were popular in many Christian youth groups. The bracelets were designed to be a reminder to stop and ask, "What would Jesus do?" when individuals were faced with a decision of how to act. Call me cynical, but I find it hard to believe a young person contemplating an immoral act would be dissuaded by a bracelet. (Actually I find it hard to believe that a young person would spend time contemplating their behavior in the first place!)


The question increased in significance recently when I heard a pastor opine on what Jesus’ response would be to an invitation to a gay wedding. After listening to the pastor’s remarks I found myself asking the question, "What wouldn’t Jesus do?"

Unlike the pastor, I will not presume to speak for Jesus on topics about which Scripture is silent. Nevertheless, I feel it appropriate to consider what types of things Jesus would not do.

  • He would not condone sin. We know this, for when confronted with individuals who were caught up in sin He spoke against it. Telling the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more," is an example of this.
  • He would not encourage people to continue in behavior or values that would further separate them from God, as when he told the rich young ruler to abandon his wealth.
  • He would not contradict the instructions of Scripture, stating that He came to fulfill the Law and not abolish it.
  • He would not tolerate people disrespecting or demeaning true worship, as seen when He drove the money-changers from the temple.

These are important things to consider in an era in which Jesus is described as loving and accepting not just everyone but everything. The truth is that Jesus accepts everyone, in spite of anything they may have done in the past, but that as Holy God He cannot and will not encourage sin.


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