6 Characteristics of a Great Dad

I did not grow up knowing what it meant to  be loved by a father. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and I only saw my father a few times a year.  My step-father was a violent alcoholic who was incapable of love. It was not until I was married and observed my father-in-law that I saw what the love of a great man could do in the life of a child. As I remember him this Father's Day it seems appropriate to share what I have learned about being a dad. 

Great Dads-

1- Seek out opportunities to spend time with their children. I have seem many dads who view time with their children as an obligation to be met. Once they have spent a little time with their kids they are then allowed to do what they want. Great dads want to spend time with their kids.

2- Embrace the imperfections of their kids. The Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians instructed fathers to “not exasperate their children.” Exasperate means to annoy or get on the nerves. Dads who continually berate and harangue their kids are doing it wrong. Kids need love and grace and to know that their father's love will always be there no matter what.

3- Get interested in what their kids are interested in. This is not easy, but it is important. When my son was in junior high I learned a lot about video games, going so far as to get my own Xbox account (Gamertag: ISOSUCKATTHIS). With my daughter I learned to watch the Disney channel and listen to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction.

4- Are home for dinner whenever possible. The importance of a nightly meal together can not be overstated.

5- Are consistent. They keep their promises and do not make idle threats. They are loyal and faithful.

6- Love their wives. The most important thing any dad can do is love, respect and remain faithful to the mother of his children.

Have a great dad? Tell others about him in the comments. Let us know what made him special. As always, please share this post with your friends!

Coming next week- "What to do when you are offended"