6 Things a Married Person Should NEVER do-


 I see many people who are in troubled marriages. When I discuss their circumstances I usually discover that they and their spouse have done at least one of these things that a married person should never do-


1- Yell at your spouse. They are your equal at a minimum, and if you are yelling they are probably better in many ways. Never yell. Ever.

2- Intentionally speak hurtful words. You know better than anyone which words will hurt. When you love, you don't say them.

3- Name call. I often tell men, “You don't get to call your wife a raving b****, even if they are one. Women don't get to call their husbands an a****** even when they are one. Name calling is never an option

4- Flirt with anyone. Those cute smiles and compliments belong to your spouse and only your spouse. When you took your vows they became the sole property of the person you married.

5- Share secrets with someone of the opposite sex. See #4.

6- Blame your spouse for your lack of happiness. Your happiness is your responsibility.

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Coming next week- "How to Stay out of Trouble" For those like me who have asked themselves, "How did I get into this mess?" Some advice on how not to get into messes in the first place!