Live and be loved like a child


I like babies. Babies are the highlight of my work day. I love newborns, 8 pounds of miracle. It is impossible to hold a newborn in your hands and not see the hand of God. I love 4 month-olds, with their natural double chins, and the way their whole bodies squirm when they get excited. I love the way their faces erupt into a smile when I engage them in “conversation”.

I love older kids too. I love their stories, how they will interrupt my interview with mom to tell about a new toy, the way a sticker of a Princess or a truck or a cartoon character is a really big deal.

I love how they all remind me of the beauty of life, of just living. Children live in the moment better than grown ups, fully experiencing all joy available right now. Without thinking, they embody Jesus' exhortation to “Take no thought for tomorrow,for tomorrow will take care of it self”. They can do this because they have parents who are looking out for their tomorrow for them. If only we had a Father who cared for us this way... Oh Yeah! We do!

As the holiday season begins, let's purpose to enjoy it as a child, savoring each moment of each day, resting in the knowledge that we are loved by a Heavenly Father who delights in His us.