Cutting Corners to Get Ahead? God's Not Impressed

If you read through the Bible you will see many passages concerning fairness. Not the "everybody should get the same as everybody else" kind of fairness, but the "nobody should take unfair advantage of anybody else" kind of fairness. While this seems like it should be a basic value it seems to have been lost in our culture. It seems that many people look for any opportunity to get ahead, to get a discount or an edge.

Need evidence? Go to Disneyland. The lesson can be found at the front gate.

As you approach the turnstiles to show your admission ticket you will be greeted by a cast member with a digital device. Your ticket will be scanned and your photo taken. It slows down the whole process entering the park, but the policy is necessary. So many people were buying multiple day passes on the black market that something had to be done to make sure more than one person doesn't fraudulently use the same pass. I have heard from park employees that Disney was losing millions of dollars each year to these fraudulent tickets. People like to cheat.

If we look closely we can see cheating all around us. People lie to get senior citizen discounts, lie to get disability or worker's compensation benefits, cheat on their taxes, do work under the table, anything to make or save a buck.

This is common, but God hates it.

Do we?