How do You Score on the Character Test?

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While the world is filled with people who are characters, people with character are rare. Take the test below and see if you are a person of character.

1- Is it hard for other people to find fault with you?

2- Do you consistently control your emotions?

3- Do the people in your life respect you?

4- Are you teachable? Are you willing to teach others when you have something to share?

5- Do you stay sober?

6- Are you gentle and kind in your dealings with others?

7- Do avoid argument when possible?

8- Do you value relationships and people more than things or wealth?

9- Do you faithfully and passionately fulfill your family responsibilities as parent, spouse or child?

The list is not exhaustive, but consistent yes answers suggest a person of quality and integrity. Think you recognize the list? It comes from the Bible, 1 Timothy 3, where the qualifications for church leadership are described! I think these character characteristics are a worthy pursuit for all of us.