The 13th Apostle?


One of the most profound theological truths can be found in the lyrics of a Rolling Stone song- “You can’t always get what you want.” This has been true so many times in my life, a fact which came to mind in Bible Study this week.

Matthew 10 begins with Jesus calling his 12 disciples to himself. The exact manner of dispensation is not described but Jesus “gave them authority over unclean spirits… to heal every disease and every affliction.” How incredible that must have been, how exhilarating and how exciting for these men. For these twelve men.

What if you were number 13?

There were many more than 12 people following Jesus. I am sure that at least one of them was dedicated, devoted and still over looked. Even worse, one of the 12 chosen was a traitor who betrayed the savior to his enemies! The other eleven were not exactly a Who’s Who in Israel. Fishermen and tax collectors were among their number. And yet these were the ones Jesus picked.

And this is how it works. God picks the people He wants for his own reasons, to accomplish His will in His way and in His timing. Sometimes His plans include us and sometimes they don’t. Either way, He seldom explains himself to us, and often hides his plans.

Either way our job remains the same. To be faithful where we are, regardless of where that is, and without concern for how or who else he has chosen.


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