The World's Richest Failure


I am better off than Jeff Bezos.

What a remarkable thought. Jeff is the richest man in the world but I have things he will never be able to acquire.

I have a successful family life.

Sorry Jeff, but there are no second bites at this apple. Successful marriages are based on enduring love, respect and commitment. You may marry your current mistress, may even consider yourself happy, but your children forever be the product of a broken home.

I have integrity.

I have faults galore, but stealing the wife of a good friend is not one of them. There are lines good men never cross. It goes without saying that cheating on your wife with the wife of a friend is one of them.

I keep my promises.

I am sure when Jeff and Mackenzie said their wedding vows in 1993 they promised to love one another until “Death did they part.” Oops. He forgot to add, “Unless my friend has a hot wife.”

When Lisa and I said our vows nearly 37 years ago we meant them. We work everyday to keep the promises we made and we will get them as long as we live

Friendship means something to me.

I may not be the best friend in the world, but I betrayal is not an option for me. I would die before I would do what Bezos did.

I am content

Money cannot buy contentment. I have a wife who loves me, kids with whom I am close, an adorable grandchild, and two dogs. Who could ask for more? (other than more adorable grandchildren). I am smart enough to know that there is no woman who could make me happier than Lisa, that I have more money than I need or deserve, more stuff than I can ever use. I am not looking for a better life. The life I have is good.

I never cease to be amazed at the monumental failures of supposedly successful people. I have learned that true success can be achieved by anyone regardless of the size of one’s bank account. It is the things money can’t buy that are the true measure of a man’s wealth. As Jesus said nearly 2000 years ago, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”