A Few Words About Boobies

Two Boobies, it seems they often come in pairs.

Two Boobies, it seems they often come in pairs.

Boobs matter. Just not in the way some people think.

If there was any doubt that the world has gone completely guano crazy, that doubt was just removed by the 10th circuit court of appeals in Colorado. The court just issued its ruling in the case of “Free the Nipple vs. The City of Fort Collins.”  (I am not making this up)

Free the Nipple is a movement that, in the name of “gender equality” protests laws that discriminate against women by making it illegal for women (and not men) to bare their breasts in public. They claim that the breast is merely a gland and not a sex organ. They argue that there is no difference between the male and female breast (This is likely news to the millions of men who hid Playboy magazines under their beds in junior high).

Many notable celebrities have lined up in support of Free the Nipple, including Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, Rhianna and Chrissy Tiegen, all of whom have made social media posts supporting the movement. (I would suspect that there are countless men who would also claim support for the movement as well, but their social media posts would likely get them in trouble.)

As silly as this may seem, the boob case made it all the way to the Court of Appeals, one step away from the Supreme Court. In a 27 page opinion the court stated, among other things, that “statutes that differentiate between men and women very likely reflect outmoded notions about their relative capabilities”, that statues banning toplessness may in fact reflect “archaic and overbroad generalizations about gender”, and a “stereotype engrained in our society that female breasts are primarily objects of sexual desire”.

The court rejected the City’s argument that there is a difference between male and female breasts. (I guess I should start shopping for a “bro”) It knowingly rejected the findings of other courts, including the 7th Circuit court of appeals, that upheld similar bans on female toplessness, saying, “None of these decisions binds us, though; nor does their sheer volume sway our analysis.”

In reading the court’s decision several thoughts came to mind.

-          Where do these people find the time and money to protest such things?

-          Is showing one’s boobs in public a basic human need?

-          Have we reached the point where we are going to reject even the most obvious differences between men and women?

Common sense may be dead in the 10th Circuit, but it lives on in the real world. I dare any man on his next trip to the beach with his wife to try ogling attractive bikini clad women and defend the practice by saying, “Don’t worry dear, it’s not sexual.” I also doubt that the court’s arguments will cause any fathers of 13 year-old girls to allow their daughters to go topless to the next school dance.

It seems some may think it is time to change the words on the Statue of Liberty to “Give me your tired, your poor, Your covered nipples yearning to breathe free.”

I for one choose to agree with the book of Genesis which reminds us, in reference to God that “male and female He created them.” We are different, men and women, in many wonderful, complementary ways. It seems silly to have to remind the Circuit Court that saying two things are different is not the same as saying one thing is better than the other.

The more we ignore this, the more we lose.


Thanks for reading my rant!