Why I can't Stand Kim Kardashian

When “I Love Lucy” hit the air in the 1950’s, Lucy and Desi had twin beds in their bedroom. It was considered inappropriate to show that a couple shared a bed, even when married! Watching TV today I marvel at how far we have fallen.

I recently changed stations while watching a new medical drama. I did not watch the show very long, but it did not take long to see that it had no moral standards at all. One of the plot lines revolved around two female friends, one of them who had just learned that the other was intimately involved with her ex-boyfriend. She asked her friend, “Why didn’t you tell me you were sleeping with him?” The friends reply, “Because we are not that serious.” Channel turned.

What does it say about a society when the single greatest act of physical intimacy is so meaningless?

It is so meaningless to Americans that we now make celebrities out of people whose only talent seems to be a willingness to buy expensive clothes and then take them off in front of a camera! (See Kardashian, Kim)

Those of us who care about marriage and family have a huge challenge ahead of us as we work to educate our children in the importance of morality and celebrity. We can start by being truthful about our culture and by celebrating those who manage to be faithful and moral, and by teaching our children that God values our insides, not our backsides!

- Bart

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